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QRGamePlan, now in its fifth year, continues to transform the form, function, and focus of major sports sponsorship. By disrupting the traditional "app environment," QR Game Plan's mobile technology platform coupled with its built in strategic segregation, allows teams and venues to create an entirely new source of revenue. Suddenly the select world of "fan advertising" is aligned with native content and targeted messaging that can be changed within seconds. Our proprietary software platform allows clients to completely customize the timing of their QSite™ and to allow fully branded and engaging content. Let's be honest, it's time to create a more effective and engaging mobile marketing experience for everyone - from your fans to your front office.


Why limit your promotional opportunities to the traditional constraints of your game? Now your sponsors and vendors can take complete control of what they promote, when they promote it, and who exactly they promote it to! Direct offers and messages are tailored and distributed to a target audience within seconds; and, once the advertisement has successfully reached and resonated with your audience, you and your sponsors are instantly provided with valuable feedback that aids in the targeting process. By taking advantage of all of these capabilities, revenue and profitable possibilities are multiplied, sponsors gain a much greater value, and fans are given a truly integrated experience that perfectly complements each event.



"QRGameplan turbo charged our Golden Ticket promotion by allowing us to reach our fans where they live – on their mobile phones!"
"By implementing the country's first LIVE QSite for the San Francisco Giants Spring Training, QRGameplan improved the major league baseball experience for fans, teams, and sponsors – all while providing us with valuable analytics for each game."
Click to see a Giants fan video testimonial.
"QRGameplan created several QSites for our involvement with the College World Series. Throughout the entire week, fans used them to instantly order products, enter promotional giveaways, and to keep up to date on the events – all through the convenience of their mobile phones."

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